Earstay Hearing Aid Loss Prevention
Stop losing hearing aids with Earstay. Losing a hearing aid can be an upsetting, inconvenient and costly experience. The more expensive the hearing aid, the smaller it is and the easier it is to lose.
Earstay is a cheap, simple system to help prevent the loss of hearing aids. Earstay discreetly connects the hearing aid to the user's clothing with a transparent, robust cord.
Safety Information / Warning: This hearing aid retention cord contains parts which may create a choking hazard. Children and vulnerable adults should use this product only under adult supervision.
Earstay Options:
It is easy to attach the Earstay to your hearing aid

Earstay - Stop Losing Hearing Aids
Gently widen the loop end
Finally, a solution to our 10 year old losing his incredibly expensive hearing aids. He gets so carried away with whatever he's doing he used not to realise he'd lost them! We are delighted with the Earstay, thank you for helping relieve a big stress.

Mrs Galloway, Cambridge, Ontario
Just a quick note to let you know your hearing aid clip has worked perfectly and my mother has finally stopped losing her hearing aids. It has been a simple and inexpensive fix to a very expensive problem. Best wishes and good luck with it.

L Styler, London, UK
What a great product! My Dad hasn't lost a hearing aid for 6 months now and he used to lose them all the time - it's awful, but we got to the point we thought they may be being taken deliberately. It's so easy to use and it really does the trick.

P Baker, Toronto, Canada
EarStay Contact Details We offer a 25% discount on orders of 20 or more Earstays.

Please CONTACT US for details: earstay@gmail.com